Versa-Flex, Inc™. is the ORIGINATOR of the Flag Bag. We created the bags for Mathews Studio Equipment™, and Advantage Gripware™ in the 90’s.

The FBS-4848.04 is a carrier without the shell. great for smaller productions who can’t fit the FB-4848.04 Case, but can slide a softer bag.

We have since improved our bags, and are building them in our newly expanded facility in North Ridgeville, Ohio.

Our bags are made with:

  • 1000denier Nylon outer shell, a larger opening zippered FLIP LID (no velcro to get tangled in your nets
  • #10 Coil Self Healing Zipper
  • 1 divider*,
  • Zippered shipping window
  • Heavy Duty webbed handles for ease of carrying
  • (Optional ARMORFLEX™ bottom coating for longer shelf life (extra $$)
  • Custom colors, and logo’s
  • * Dividers for the Soft Flag bag is an optional Item (call)
  • Made in USA
  • 1-440-327-2333
  • versaflex@gmail.com